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Since 1934 the hand-operated scoreboard has been a part of the left field wall at Fenway Park, and for 72 years the Green Monster was the only place you could find it.

Now Red Sox fans can have their very own manual Fenway scoreboard and display it proudly wherever they like! Even better, fans can keep score (or make up one) with nearly 400 magnets that can be placed on the galvanized steel scoreboard.

The Fenway Magnetic Scoreboard is a replica, built to scale, of the original and includes all of its manual features. Even the authentic Who But W.B. Mason Since 1898 advertisement and Morse code initials of legendary Red Sox owners Tom and Jean Yawkey are included.

Built entirely by hand, the magnetic scoreboard is made of 1/8" thick steel and ink jet media graphics. It assembles in minutes (hardware provided) and comes with anchors for hanging on drywall.

8' W x 1' H, weighs 15 pounds; 399 magnets included

Sold Out
Discontinued by the manufacturer

Become the man, woman or child behind the scoreboard!
Each Fenway scoreboard comes with 399 magnets that include city names, scoring and pitcher numbers, plus the green and red lights used for indicating balls, strikes and outs.

The magnets come in strips that are easily cut with scissors. Each scoreboard comes with a magnet for the other 29 teams (Boston is already on the board), 200 numerals (20 of each number) and 170 letters and symbols. Using these magnets, Red Sox fans can hand-operate their own Fenway scoreboard!

Fenway scoreboard and display magnets
Fenway magnetic scoreboard
"As Commissioner, you’re supposed to be objective. It wasn’t much of a secret, though,
that I loved Fenway — especially how it made you a participant, not a spectator."
  Former Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn

Mini Fenway Magnetic Scoreboard

The miniature version of the Fenway Magnetic Scoreboard does not have the out of town scoreboards or the ad panels. It just gives you what you want - the Red Sox line score - at a price you can afford!

The mini scoreboard comes with magnets for every team in both leagues, plenty of numbers, and "lights" for balls, strikes and outs. Just like the large scoreboard, the mini version is made of galvanized steel with ink jet media graphics applied to it.

28" W x 12" H, weighs 4 pounds
Includes 399 magnets and hardware for hanging

Sold Out
Discontinued by the manufacturer

Mini Fenway scoreboard and magnets

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