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2007 ALCS Victory Celebration at Fenway Park - Rob Arra Poster

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Fenway Park was a scene of jubilation on Sunday, October 21 at 11:57 pm when this panorama photo was taken, moments after the Red Sox defeated the Cleveland Indians in Game 7 of the American League Championship Series. Players are embracing on Fenway's infield grass, TV cameras rushing to capture the celebration, while fans are cheering wildly in the stands.
ALCS Celebration at Fenway Park - Rob Arra Panorama

2007 ALCS Celebration

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Framed 2007 ALCS Celebration Print

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Print size: 39" x 13½"

The caption reads:
ALCS Champions
October 21, 2007
A Panoramic View in Fenway Park, Boston MA - The Rob Arra Collection

The frame is made of a black composite resin.

More background information about this print...

2007 ALCS Champions

The Cleveland Indians had taken a three games to one lead in the 2007 ALCS before the Red Sox mounted another one of their postseason comebacks. After convincing wins by Boston in Games 5 and 6, the winner take all 7th game took place at Fenway Park on the night of October 21st. The Red Sox took the lead early and piled it on late, winning 11-2, and for the first time since 1986 fans were able to watch the Red Sox celebrate a pennant winning victory on their home field!

The most important clinching victories in recent Red Sox history have all been on the road - 2004 ALCS in New York, 2004 World Series in St. Louis, 2007 World Series in Colorado - which makes this stunningly vivid panorama even more special, as it's the only Fenway celebration print ever produced by Massachusetts native Rob Arra, who is world renowned for his ballpark photography.

Rob's camera captured everything on this glorious night in Boston. You can easily read the messages on the center field scoreboards: Red Sox Win 12th Pennant!   2007 World Series Next! exclaims one; Congratulations to the 2007 Boston Red Sox, Champions of the American League! says the other.

You can see the euphoria on the field and in the seats, where fans have their hands raised in the grandstands, bleachers, EMC Club and atop the Green Monster. Even the moment of defeat is preserved, as members of the Indians bullpen are frozen in time walking dejectedly across the right field grass.