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All Century Players Ceremony - Fenway Park 1999 All-Star Game Poster

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A classic at a classic. That sums up the 1999 All-Star Game that was played at Fenway Park but this panorama captures the evening's most memorable moment: the introduction of Ted Williams during the pre-game ceremony that honored the nominees for Major League Baseball's All Century team. The Splendid Splinter can be seen arriving via the green golf cart that transported him across Fenway's famous green lawn. With All-Stars lined down each baseline and fans in the stands cheering his arrival, Williams showed his appreciation by doffing his cap to all gathered, a close-up of which can be seen on the center field jumbotron.
1999 All-Star Game Ceremony at Fenway Park panorama

All Century Players

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Framed All Century Players Print

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The caption reads:
All Century Players
July 13, 1999
A Panoramic View at Fenway Park, Boston Massachusetts - The Rob Arra Collection

The frame is made of a black composite resin.

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1999 All-Star Game - All Century Players at Fenway Park

There was more magic than usual at Fenway Park on the evening of July 13, 1999 when "the greatest hitter who ever lived" joined the greatest players of the 20th century in a pre-game ceremony held in the infield. Prior to the 70th playing of the All-Star game, Major League Baseball announced the nominees for its All Century team, saving the introduction of Fenway's most famous former employee - Ted Williams - for last.

This panorama was taken by famed ballpark photographer Rob Arra from the first baseline, which Williams can be seen approaching via a golf cart, at 8:33 p.m. The clarity of this print is so impressive that you can read the time on the center field scoreboard! The backdrop is truly stunning, thanks to a sunset that turned the clouds behind the Green Monster a picturesque pink. The Monster itself is emblazoned with the words "All-Star Game '99." The foreground shows the game's greats gathered around the basepaths - the American and National League All-Stars along the first and third baselines with the All Century nominees stretching from first to third base.

As for the game, the AL won by a 4-1 score behind the starting pitching heroics of Pedro Martinez, who struck out five of the six NL batters he faced, including the first four. Pedro was the winning pitcher and named the game's MVP, but the night truly belonged to Teddy Ballgame in what turned out to be his final national public appearance.