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Fenway Park Trivia: Fact and Fancy From the First 100 Years

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The major league ballpark that's been around longer than any other has a trivia book written about it by the guy who has authored more books about the Red Sox than any other writer.

Bill Nowlin's Fenway Park Trivia is an often challenging but always informative book. It poses 105 questions about the Red Sox's century-old home and the detailed answers that follow make up the bulk of the reading material (questions account for 37 pages and it takes 66 pages to answer them).

As an added bonus, 41 "Fenway firsts" are compiled over the course of three pages, between the questions and answers sections. So, for example, you'll know who singled for the first ever official Fenway hit, in addition to all the knowledge gleaned from the questions & answers that cover Fenway's first 100 years.

All in all, this book offers a compelling compilation of history that has happened at Fenway, and for a small sum (just a buck per decade). Whether it's used for personal enrichment or to stump other persons, an educational and enjoyable experience will be had by all.

Paperback - 114 pages (published in 2012)

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Fenway Park Trivia book

A small sampling of what you'll learn in Fenway Park Trivia
  • How many home runs Babe Ruth hit at Fenway
  • The story behind the Pesky Pole, red seat, Duffy's Cliff and Green Monster
  • The smallest and largest crowds ever to attend games at Fenway
  • The most runs that the Red Sox have scored in a single inning at Fenway
  • Why the Church of the Redemption was responsible for the Red Sox having to play 50 home games at Braves Field from 1929-1932
  • How Boston's Ted Williams managed to play four games at Fenway in 1944 for the Yanks
  • Who hit the first home run over the left field wall
  • Why the first major league no-hitter thrown at Fenway didn't involve the Red Sox
  • How many home runs have been hit completely out of Fenway in center and right field
  • The weight of the pitching mound
  • The multiple times that portions of Fenway have gone up in flames
  • Why prices of grandstand seats were dropped to just $10 in July of 1994
  • The date of the last scheduled single-admission doubleheader at Fenway