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Four times in their history the New England Patriots have won the Super Bowl. The years of those title winning seasons, along with large team logos, are the highlights of this big banner that features appliqué and embroidery detail.

Measuring just slightly over 2 feet wide by 3 feet tall, the team-colored banner is made from a high quality blend of wool and acrylic felt. Its logos, letters and numbers are sewn by hand onto the navy blue banner that has silver/gray trim.

The top of the banner has a 1.25" opening for sliding a rod through. That enables the banner to be hung. Simply tacking it to a wall is also an easy way to display what the manufacturer refers to as a "dynasty banner." Indeed, by winning three Super Bowls in a four year period the 2001-04 Patriots can lay claim to being the only dynasty in the modern NFL era of free agency.

At the banner's bottom is a small NFL logo, but it's the big, bold embroidered years and words above it that truly stand out on a banner that is easy to notice regardless of where it's placed.

Size: 24½" x 37½"
Manufacturer: Winning Streak Sports

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Discontinued by the manufacturer

Patriots championship banner