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Fenway Park Pyramid

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This pyramid-shaped keepsake makes it possible to keep Fenway Park close by, whether at home or away (in the office).

Made from a high quality and ultra clear type of crystal, the Fenway Park Pyramid has a picture of the beloved Boston ballpark embedded in its base. The image is visible from all directions, as it's magnified so that it reflects off the pyramid's walls.

Whether used as a paperweight or simply for desktop decor, the crystal pyramid of Fenway makes a great gift for any Red Sox fan and one that doesn't take up much space.

Size: 1.9" x 1.9" x 1.9"
 (view actual pyramid size)
Weight: 8 oz.

Fenway Park Pyramid

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Discontinued by the manufacturer
Fenway Park crystal pyramid

Made in the USA by Sport Collectors Guild and
licensed by Major League Baseball