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The Ultimate Red Sox Home Run Guide by Bill Nowlin & David Vincent

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Did you know that as a team the Red Sox have hit a home run in 65 major league ballparks? Or that the team's all-time home run leader against the Royals is Dwight Evans, who victimized Kansas City pitching 27 times? Such factoids fill the book that is appropriately known as The Ultimate Red Sox Home Run Guide.

The BoSox have hit a lot of bombs - 11,630, in fact, by 576 batters - during their century then some years of existence and this book pays homage to them all, or at least the ones that occurred during the 1901-2008 period that the guide covers.

Lots of lists (nearly 150 of them) and statistics are compiled over 10 chapters that cover the subject of Red Sox homers like you can't believe, but will be glad the authors of this fun and fact-filled guide did.

From the notable to the nobodies, the Boston sluggers who have touched 'em all after clearing a wall (in most cases) are often remembered in fascinating detail and the book itself is a well-done home run.

Paperback - 192 pages (published May 2009)

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Red Sox Home Run Guide
The Ultimate Red Sox Home Run Guide's 10 Chapters
Team Records, Firsts, Geography, Opponents, Ballparks, Batter Records, Pitcher Records, Yearly Leaders, Random Blasts, Beyond the Regular Season

A (very small) sampling of what you'll find in The Ultimate Red Sox Home Run Guide
  • Extra-inning pinch-hit homers
  • Back-to-back homers
  • Most homers hit by batters by surname initial
  • Top Red Sox home run hitters by state of birth
  • Red Sox homers by state and city
  • Total Red Sox homers hit against each opponent
  • Red Sox home run leaders by ballpark
  • Fenway Park - homer haven or not?
  • Most leadoff homers (season) and inside-the-park homers (career)
  • Oldest batters to homer
  • Career leaders by fielding position
  • Accounts of Ted Williams' 17 grand slams and 96 game-winning home runs
  • Most homers surrendered by Red Sox pitchers (career and by year)
  • Home runs by Red Sox players in the All-Star Game
  • 32 photos of notable and famous Red Sox sluggers