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Red Sox 11" x 13.5" Wood Sign

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Spruce up any indoor area with this wooden sign, which sports the Red Sox's logo and colors on its uniquely shaped surface.

Made of 1/4" thick hardboard, which won't split or crack, the sign has an antique wood finished look thanks to its graphic design. A matte finish ensures that the Red Sox sign maintains its new, yet vintage appearance for a long time.

Measuring 11" wide by 13" tall, the sign has precision cut smooth edges for no worry handling a small pre-drilled hole at its top that allows it to be easily hung.

Proudly made in the USA, this sign weighs a lightweight 14 ounces and is intended to be displayed inside.

Manufactured by WinCraft and licensed by MLB

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Boston Red Sox wooden sign
Size: 11" x 13½" x ¼"