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Test your Red Sox trivia wisdom in a crossword puzzle format!
Compiled by native Bostonian Geoffrey Kent, this spiral bound book contains 75 crossword puzzles with over 2,200 clues. Most puzzles are Red Sox related and the clues are written in a trivia question format, providing you with information about the Boston Red Sox...and a little knowledge on the Yankees and other opposing teams.

These trivia puzzles are not meant to stump you like the Sunday Crosswords. They merely jog your memory (or enhance it) on the Red Sox's past players and team history. Most of the puzzles are organized by decade so that you can connect players with the decade that you grew up in, while reminiscing about accomplishments, events and personalities, plus the occasional disappointing season.

Published in 2007

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Red Sox Crossword Trivia Puzzle Topics
Fenway Park
Notable Quotables
Open Season
Massachusetts Born MLB Players
New England Born MLB Players
International Red Sox
Red Sox Nicknames
Yankees Nicknames
Baseball Nicknames
Down on the Farm
Award Winners
Red Sox Trades
Prior Red Sox
Future Red Sox
Pre-1940 Red Sox
Pre-1940 Yankees
Pre-1940 Opponents
1940ís Red Sox
1940ís Yankees
1940ís Opponents
1950ís Red Sox
1950ís Yankees
1950ís Opponents
1960ís Red Sox
1960ís Yankees
1960ís Opponents
1970ís Red Sox
1970ís Yankees
1970ís Opponents
1980ís Red Sox
1980ís Yankees
1980ís Opponents
1990ís Red Sox
1990ís Yankees
1990ís Opponents
2000ís Red Sox
2000ís Yankees
2000ís Opponents
1946 Red Sox
1967 Red Sox
1975 Red Sox
1986 Red Sox
2004 Red Sox
2004 AL Playoffs
2004 World Series

Red Sox Crossword Trivia Clue Examples

  • Narrated The Impossible Dream album
  • Red Sox (1907-15) OF hit over .300 every year from 1909 to 1927 (except .296 in 1919)
  • Before each at bat superstitious Wade Boggs would draw this Hebrew character in the batter's box
  • Where Jim Lonborg injured knee just prior to Christmas 1967
  • Angels pitcher who beaned Tony C
  • Called the Yankees "Steinbrenner's Brown Shirts" in 1976
  • 5/25/84 Red Sox trade ________ and Mike Brumley to the Cubs for Bill Buckner
  • Red Sox Crossword Puzzle Trivia Book

    Red Sox 1990 crossword puzzle

    "With the Red Sox World Championship in 2004 there is no better time to look back on Red Sox players and teams of old and relive the struggle to achieve a World Series Championship."
    Geoffrey Kent, Author