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Red Sox Twisted Baseball Necklace

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The Red Sox "frozen rope" baseball necklace is twisted together with the same leather and thread found in a Major League baseball.

Measuring 18" from end to end, each end has a Red Sox logo rubber bead attached and a third logo bead is fastened to the middle of the necklace.

Thanks its adjustable hoop clasp that loops around a baseball bead, the stylish necklace is one size fits all so any Red Sox fan can literally wear their passion around their neck!

Made by GameWear and officially licensed by MLB
(Note: A frozen rope, in baseball parlance, is a hard hit line drive)

Only $19.95
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Red Sox frozen rope necklace

"Iím helplessly and permanently a Red Sox fan. It was like first love...You never forget."
Simon Schama, Art Historian (1999)