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Rivalry at Fenway - 1999 ALCS (Red Sox vs. Yankees) Poster

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The rivalry is a classic but so is the ballpark. Ditto for this print of Fenway Park as it appeared in 1999 during the Red Sox's 13-1 rout of the Yankees in Game 3 of the ALCS. The image was taken during a spectacular October sunset at Fenway with Pedro on the hill, Posada at the plate, and the Red Sox already leading 6-0 in the fifth. What could be better?
Rivalry at Fenway - 1999 ALCS panorama

Rivalry at Fenway

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Framed Rivalry at Fenway Print

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Print size: 39" x 13½"

The caption reads:
Rivalry at Fenway
Game 3 ALCS Playoffs, October 16, 1999 - Final Score Red Sox 13 - Yankees 1
A panoramic view in Boston, MA - The Rob Arra Collection

The frame is made of a black composite resin.

More background information about this print...

Rivalry at Fenway

It had been 21 years since the Red Sox last hosted the Yankees for a playoff game at Fenway Park and the late afternoon start on October 16, 1999 was eagerly anticipated not only because it was a clash between the two storied rivals, but also because of the pitching duel that was to take place. The Yankees started Roger Clemens, who had gone from reveled to reviled since his exodus from Boston three years prior. The Red Sox countered with Pedro Martinez, fresh off his 23-4 Cy Young Award-winning regular season.

By the time this picture was taken at 6:09 in the evening (you can read the time on the center field scoreboard) one pitcher was long gone, the other still going strong. Pedro looked as good as the Red Sox offense. Led by John Valentin's five RBIs, the Sox would score in all but two innings, which is how long Clemens lasted. The Rocket was lifted one batter into the third, failing to get an out in that inning. His early exit lead to the famous Fenway chant: "Where is Roger?...In the Shower!" Meanwhile, Martinez pitched seven scoreless innings, struck out a dozen, allowed just two hits and departed with a 13-0 lead.

Although the Red Sox won this game 13-1, it would be another five years before the tables turned on the rivalry for good. But Boston made their first strike into the heart of the Evil Empire on this evening, when Fenway Park was a much simpler place than it is now. The beauty of this poster is not just that it preserves what transpired on the field during Game 3 of the '99 ALCS, but that it forever captures Fenway at a time when many (including ownership) considered its days numbered. Fans and historians alike will appreciate the snapshot of how the ballpark appeared before its many recent enhancements, which began in earnest with the addition of seats atop the Green Monster in 2003, and the print could just as easily be titled "Fenway Remembered" as it is "Rivalry at Fenway."