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Fenway Park Wood Sign

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Boston's classic ballpark is on display on a sign that is designed to have an antique wood finish look. The panorama of Fenway Park on a picture-perfect afternoon stretches across most of the 9" x 30" sign, which is made of 3/8" thick hardboard, a specially engineered wood that doesn't split or crack. To keep the sign's imagery, which includes the Red Sox logo in the lower right corner, from actually aging by fading, a matte finish was applied to the front. The backside has a keyhole-style strip drilled into it, so the sign is ready to hang out of the box. Made in the USA, the sign also has precision cut smooth beveled edges to enhance its look.

Fenway Park panorama wood sign

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Exact Size: 8.75" x 29.75" x 3/8"
Weight: 2.68 lbs.
Usage: Indoors only
Made by: WinCraft
In stock: Yes
Delivery ETA: 2-3 days