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In 2004 the Red Sox completed the greatest comeback in sports history, ending 86 years of disappointment in the process. But through all of the trying times one thing remained constant - the nation of loyal fans who never gave up on their team.

For the first time, the voices of Red Sox Nation are heard as the history of the team is explored through their eyes, climaxing in the thrill of the 2004 ALCS and World Series.

Independent Massachusetts filmmaker Lenny Manzo interviewed over 50 loyal fans from all walks of life and their stories reveal the true nature of what it means to be a Red Sox fan - how the love for the team has been passed down through the generations and created a common bond among all members of The Nation in New England and beyond.

85 minutes of memories and emotions on DVD (2005)

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The Nation: A Documentary About Red Sox Fans

"Being around that many people that you know care about the same thing that you care about….nothing beats it."
Jim Letendre, Red Sox fan explaining the bond of the Nation