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2013 World Series Champions Celebration - Fenway Park Poster

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Simply put, this is the scene we all waited to see: the Red Sox celebrating winning the World Series at Fenway Park. After celebrating like crazy on the field in St. Louis (2004) and Denver (2007), the Red Sox finally got to celebrate like crazy in Boston along with the Fenway Faithful in 2013, when they won their 3rd World Series in the span of a decade by doing so for the first time at Fenway since 1918. This panorama captures all of the fun-loving chaos that ensued in the celebration that was 95 years in the making.

2013 World Series victory celebration at Fenway Park panorama poster
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2013 World Series Celebration

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Framed 2013 World Series Celebration Print

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The caption reads:
2013 World Series Champions
October 30, 2013
A Panoramic View in Fenway Park - Boston, Massachusetts - The Rob Arra Collection

The frame is made of a
black composite resin.

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2013 World Series Victory Celebration at Fenway Park

The 2013 Red Sox were the 3rd team in franchise history to celebrate winning the World Series at Fenway Park, which can only be done by winning the clinching game there. That's something the 1912 and 1918 teams did as well, but it would be 95 years before Boston would win baseball's championship again at Fenway, and that happened on October 30, 2013, at 11:20 p.m. This panorama captures the euphoria that erupted in the almost immediate aftermath of the 2013 World Series' final pitch, a strike three that Koji Uehara threw past the Cardinals' Matt Carpenter.

While some Cardinals can be seen trudging off the field, the victory celebration by Boston (in the stands) and the Red Sox (on the field), plus the red, white and blue fireworks exploding in the sky, are the focus of this panorama photograph that's as crisp as the Fall weather was when "2013 World Champions" was posted on the scoreboard next to the jumbo screen in center field, which is showing the waving of the "Boston Strong" flag by Wally, the Green Monster mascot. And, yes, the clarity is so fine that you can read the Series-clinching Game 6 line score on the Green Monster's famous hand-operated board. So you can truly see it all just as if you were one of the 38,447 that paid a lot of money to be there.

Thankfully Massachusetts native Rob Arra, who is world renowned for his ballpark photography, was there and his specialized camera produced a print like none other you'll ever see of Fenway Park, courtesy of a special team that became the 2013 World Series Champions before its adoring public.